Poem Written about the Freedom Exhibition

This wonderful poem was written by poet BRS after he joined us for open mic night on Thursday June 4th. It is now hanging in the exhibition with all the others.
In case you can’t read it in the photo, here it is:

11401419_897528216979866_5276417579940862895_nFree To Show, Free To Go

I took a walk near Haggerston
And found this brilliant place
With music, art and friendship
And freedom in one space
Good people to relate to
And lots of stuff to see
A mic to get your words across
And best of all it’s free.
So if you’re ever up near Dalston
Check out what I’ve just seen
It’s called Freedom Exhibition
You’ll find out what I mean.
A place to chill or council
Great art is all around
A message of true freedom
On walls, in life, and sound.


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