A group exhibition featuring group of artist coming of a diversity of backgrounds, will be showing some of the most thought provoking, cutting edge and nonconformist art to come from the urban and underground art scene – art works will very in mediums such as drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, intermedia instalation and other.

Concept of exhibition is based from common preferences in grayscale visual by selected authors. But it is not only about visual. There is many of approaches in thought about black and white.


In the begining there was a light. The light create situations. The day and the night.

These two colours carries a lot of contents: visible – unvisible, spotless – sinister, surface – deep, empty – significant, 0 – 1, …



Behind the corner, in the shadows, in the deep forest, in the darkness, where eyes can’t see the shapes, there can be something unexpected. There is opportunity for imagination.

The division between black and white as ideological tool informs about separation from other side, creating conflict, promotion of ideology and authorities.

Historical example when christian church called rituals of other religions like non christian / pagan black mass and raised the hunt for witches based from fear of the unknown and the others (very actuall is the topic of raised tendency of extremism and fascist tendency in many countries in Europe).



All of mediums there are specific expression of black and white. Light in the drawing is usually empty area on paper and the artist draw the shadows, it means that black is significant.

Otherwise photography is made of exposition by light.

In translation into digital code we can read black and white like 1 or 0.

To be or not to be. Existing or missing.